Outsource Hiring Tips: Be Successful In Your Efforts

If you don't yet know ... I'm BIG into outsourcing video editing. I started back in February of 2017 and have experienced a massive learning curve ever since. 

After a batch of initial beta tests, my first hires were two Filipinos: Susie and Patrick. Susie was $20/hour and Patrick was $7/hour. Their rates varied due to their level of expertise and the cities that they lived in. Due to my lack of budget for personal projects, I decided to continue working with Patrick instead of Susie.

Patrick is hungry and excited to take on work. He's constantly innovating and growing his business in different ways. It's been fun to form the relationship and build a friendship from afar.

As I write this post (about a year and a half later), a message from Patrick just popped in. He just spent 5.5 hours cutting down my recent YouTube videos for which I will pay him $68 (I've now upped his rate since his skills have grown). The feeling of receiving the following message is seriously priceless:


I know have a go-to team member who I can rely on to deliver quality work in a fast, efficient way. This not only saves me time, but headaches!

But how did I get here? I had to shift my mindset from when I started to now and be willing to FAIL in order to learn. These shifts have allowed me to be successful. 

YOU can have an outsourcer like Patrick as well

It all starts with the proper mindset.

Outsource Hiring Tips: Be Successful In Your Efforts


Amanda Horvath

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