How to Write a Content Strategy For Your Business

If you're trying to write a content strategy for your business in 2019, then this video is for you. I'm going to be walking through the three main video marketing strategies that I use with all of my clients. I'm pretty much giving away my entire business model, so be sure to stay tuned till the end of the video!

What Goal Are You Looking to Achieve?

Are you looking to clarify your offer, make a sale or build rapport with your audience?

We're going to go through each goal step by step, so that you can know everything that's available to you and then from there I'll tell you which one is best for each individual business at what stage.

Use the PDF above to present these strategies to your team and discuss what video you think you should create next.

When I first begin a conversation with a client, I like to run through all the different video options that they might create.

Strategy 1: Website Content
Goal: Clarify your offer

I really think that this is a great place to start for a business, because if you don't have a clear offer on your website, then you're going to struggle to make a sale. And no other video will truly matter, if your offer isn’t clear!

Brand Video

A video that takes someone from knowing nothing about you, to knowing who you are and how to buy. It's usually about a minute and a half to three minutes.

Testimonial Videos

You're going to have testimonial videos within your brand video, but you’ll also want to create standalone, individual testimonials.

FAQ Videos

Your customers might have some questions before that they need answered before they can actually decide whether or not to buy from you, and those are the FAQ videos.

Strategy 2: Paid Traffic Content
Goal: Make A Sale

If you're running paid ads, there's several different paid ads that I would recommend having.

Awareness Ad

This video might be a shorter version of your brand video. Think of this as a 15-30 second ad that peaks curiosity.

You’re focused on letting your audience know you (or your industry/product) exists.

It create a “hmmm I’d like to know more” feeling which entices them to click through.

Retargeting Ads

These ads dive deeper into typical hesitations that your audience might have. Say your sales team is constantly answering the same questions — this is an awareness issue. If you can add this content into ads and slowly drip them to your audience, they’ll show up more prepared to buy.

Tribe Videos

These can be version of the above ads that specifically target a certain “tribe”. In your business you likely have several different customer bases (tribes). The more you can create content that speaks specifically to one customer base.

Example: Acton MBA is a school in Austin, Texas.

It is 100 hour work week MBA program. The audience that they recognize as really drawn into their program is Olympic athletes, Navy SEALS and people that are currently working in tech, but feel really disconnected from what they're doing.

In their case, they might create a video for each one of these individuals that pulls them into their world and convinces them in their own language that they should consider this school.

Your Paid Traffic Content Focus:

Your goal should be to produce as many 15 to 30 second videos as possible and just keep cranking them out.

I recommend doing one big shoot and from that editing several different versions of those ads trying several different texts on top of it, and when you actually run the ads you get to see what works.

Strategy 3: Social Media Content
Goal: Build Rapport

If your goal is to build rapport with your audience, then social media could definitely be the right pick for you.

What you want to focus on is providing value first and foremost. And what's great is you don't necessarily have to use prerecorded video to do this.

Live Streaming on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

This strategy is easily forgotten, yet it is one of the most effective (and easiest to implement). Live Streaming on a consistent basis can draw in an audience without needing to worry about pre-recording video content.

Instagram Stories

This is a GOLD mind for building rapport with your audience. You need to find a way to make it fun so that you actually do it. Show behind the scenes, give insight into the people behind the business, discuss tips that might be useful to your audience … the opportunities are truly endless!

How To Content

Your audience is searching for answers on the internet! By creating how to content that fits their needs, they’ll appreciate you MUCH more.

Listen to your audience and determine FAQs that you might be able to create value packed content around.

PS. If you’re doing this, be sure to do your keyword research by downloading this toolkit.

Still Unsure where to Start?

I’d love to help you gain clarity! I offer content strategy sessions for business owners (and their teams) where we dive into your specific business and design a plan of action that is sustainable for you (in both time and money).

Camera Buying Guide 2019

"How do I make my videos look like the movies?" 

In high school, I was part of K-AHS -- a school TV program where we announced the news daily. This where I fell in love with video, specifically short form content. 

Every day, we would open the show with a fun 1-2 minute creative video. We made skits, music videos, etc.

Each time I went to record, I pictured producing this high-quality piece of content that looked like the movies, but in the end -- it never looked like that! I was confused and frustrated as to why. 

In film school, I found out why...

It wasn't me, it was the camera.

In film school, I had access to high-quality production gear and very quickly realized that the major difference is truly the camera. The answer seemed so simple, yet it took me years to discover!

Capture Top Quality

Ready to upgrade beyond the iPhone? This week's video walks you through every you need to know before buying a camera. Stop watching hundreds of video reviews online, eliminate choices and click buy. 


How To Do SXSW For Free | Shot on iPhone XS

SXSW is upon us. 

Is it worth getting caught up in the mix or staying away entirely? Each year this question arises as thousands of people flock to our city. 

As locals, we often discount the value of the festival and feel we deserve some sort of local pat on the back and free entrance. This ego stops many of us from truly experiencing the value of the festival.

This year, I decided to explore if the hype was truly worth it. 

My ultimate conclusion? Next year, I’m buying a badge. 

Yes, there’s tons of free events to attend IF you’re looking to day drink and meet other locals. You might even catch a few great one off panels. 

But if next level conversations thrill you - getting inside the convention center is worth the cost. Even a quick scroll through the list of talks and panels was enough to fill me with jealousy. 

Don’t get me wrong ... I really enjoyed my weekend of free events - amazing weather, great people, free drinks. There’s no reason we shouldn’t ALL attend! 

So whether you’re like me and ready for a badge, or just curious ... this week’s video will offer insight into what a weekend of SXSW looks like and how YOU too can attend the free events: 

Life Coach For Millennials | Brand Video Example

Virtual business + Video = Challenge

The reality of your day to day activities may consist of working from home in your pjs, or potentially putting on a top that looks presentable for your video conference calls.

Your services may not be visual in anyway -- in fact, you're literally selling the knowledge in your mind via consulting or coaching.

This is very much the case for Taylor Dixon who runs Dreamcatcher Immersion. Her 6-month program is an immersive life, brand, and business accelerator. It is designed to help the busy millennial woman cultivate an intimate relationship with self, master the art of lifestyle design, create and launch an authentic personal brand, and launch/re-launch their creative project or business.

Upon completing the 6 month program, Taylor invites all her students to a retreat to meet one another in person and celebrate their graduation.

THIS was the moment to capture and she knew it.

As a personal brand guru, Taylor planned ahead and rented a beautiful Airbnb that was filled with natural light. She prepped each of her students for the video shoot and scheduled time during her retreat to capture their testimonials, along with other visual representations of who they were.

The video turned out beautiful.

If you're needing to capture visuals for your business, how might you be able to create visual moments? I'd love to hear your thoughts or struggles on this topic in the comment section of this video!

Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

My jaw dropped.

"I run all of Topo Chico's social content," says Giovanni, "and for the first three years, I only used iPhone footage."

I met Giovanni this last week at Social Media Week after hearing about him for over a year. He is the man behind Topo Chico's social content.

He explained to me that when he first started, he mounted an iPhone atop a DSLR camera, and made it look like he was using it as a monitor. Meanwhile, he never hit record on the DSLR.

He did this for a while and his clients never caught or cared about the iPhone quality video. Eventually, he clued them in and ditched the DSLR entirely.

Going Beyond iPhone

Having said this, there are brands that need higher quality footage than a smartphone can offer.

I believe that this decision all comes down to audience preference combined with the right time, place and budget.

In this week's video, we dive deeper into last week's analysis of iPhone vs. Mirrorless camera footage and chat about the pros and cons of upgrading.

Should you upgrade? Watch the video to find out.