How to Edit iPhone Video in Premiere (How to Vlog - Part 2)

Your Biggest Obstacle

The hardest part of creating videos is getting over the internal dialogue that what you shot (or are shooting) won't come together in editing. 

Yesterday, I was at Keller Williams International, filming a video with The One Thing team. A business consultant and I were using my annual goals as a coaching opportunity for their membership site. 

As we filmed the video, I could tell that morale in the room was declining. Things weren't going as planned and everything seemed to be crumbling to pieces. The immediate instinct was to call it quits ... despite all the content that had already been captured. 

I encouraged the group to salvage the shoot by pivoting and adding an alternative intro / outro rather than officially quitting. That way they could edit the video and still have hope that it might come together. More likely than not, the video will turn out far better than anyone anticipated. 

Believe it or not, this is a common occurrence on shoots. 

With almost every video I shoot for my channel, I'm never totally sure if it will work or fall flat. Yet, when I get to editing, it always comes together. 

iPhone Vlog Challenge

It all starts by hitting record.  Last week's video outlined How to Vlog on Your iPhone and this week's vlog takes you STEP by STEP for how to edit it. From importing the photos, organizing them, all the way to exporting. In this lengthy video, I hold your hand throughout the full process of editing so you don't get stuck in the weeds. 

I've put out an unofficial challenge where I'm encouraging YOU to hit record, edit and post your results on social media. It doesn't have to be long, it doesn't have to be perfect (in fact, it won't be!). But everyone starts somewhere. 

Choose ONE person in your organization to do a vlog about something that is happening this month and post it by February 15th on social and I will promote your video on my channel (with your permission, of course). 

NOTE: If you’re reading this blog after the deadline has past, I challenge you anyway!

Rules of the Game

- Must shoot on your phone (evens the playing field)
- Must be loosely business related
- Post on social with the hashtag #JanVlogContest (yes, I choose the wrong name for the hashtag)
- Tag me in it!

Just remember: Push through obstacles and aim for an exported video

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