Outsource Hiring Tips: FAQs

You've heard people rave about it for years, but ... What is outsourcing? How can you make outsourcing work for you? Is it really as great as everyone says?

Outsourcing is one the BIGGEST steps you can take to transform the way you create content. You'll begin to view what is POSSIBLE rather than focusing on the time and effort content creation takes.

I've hired outsourced video editors, graphic designers, motion graphic designers and photo editors. It makes having a one person business more do-able.

Because of this, I'm constantly getting questions about outsourcing and how to do it. Soooooo this week I answered the top 7 questions I get about outsourcing! These will help get you started on the right foot on your journey to outsourcing.

Feel free to reach out with any further questions you might have or ask me to create another video to dive deeper into any of these topics!

Outsource Hiring Tips: FAQs


Amanda Horvath

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