Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

My jaw dropped.

"I run all of Topo Chico's social content," says Giovanni, "and for the first three years, I only used iPhone footage."

I met Giovanni this last week at Social Media Week after hearing about him for over a year. He is the man behind Topo Chico's social content.

He explained to me that when he first started, he mounted an iPhone atop a DSLR camera, and made it look like he was using it as a monitor. Meanwhile, he never hit record on the DSLR.

He did this for a while and his clients never caught or cared about the iPhone quality video. Eventually, he clued them in and ditched the DSLR entirely.

Going Beyond iPhone

Having said this, there are brands that need higher quality footage than a smartphone can offer.

I believe that this decision all comes down to audience preference combined with the right time, place and budget.

In this week's video, we dive deeper into last week's analysis of iPhone vs. Mirrorless camera footage and chat about the pros and cons of upgrading.

Should you upgrade? Watch the video to find out.