We Start with
Your Brand Video

  • This Is The #1 Most Effective Video for ANY Business

  • Lives on Your Home Page

  • Clarifies Your Brand’s Message Into 1.5 - 3 minutes

  • Turns Cold Audience Into Interested Prospects

  • Builds Trust With Your Audience

  • Makes All Other Forms of Marketing More Effective


We Hop On
A Call

We’ll ask about your business
and goals to ensure our
services can help you attain
the results you’re after.


We Set Clear

Our contracts help avoid any
misunderstandings and ensure a
smooth process of working together.
You’ll also be sent an invoice for a
deposit of 50% of the overall fee.
At this time, we’ll also schedule
shoot dates and deadlines for the project.


You Brainstorm
So We Can Help

You understand your business and customers
better than anyone, but how do you decide
what to mention in your video?
Our Pre-Production frameworks will walk
you through everything you need to know
in order to tease out the key points that
will make your video effective.


We Hash Out
The Details

In a 45 minute call, we walk through
your exercise from the Pre-Production
assignment to gain insight into
your strategy and vision for the project.
From there, we ask clarifying questions
and offer suggestions for increasing
the emotional impact your video makes.


We Get Ready
To Roll

Time for our part! We write up questions
for any interviews, create the shotlist,
time block the production day
and run it all by you for final approval.

Lights, Camera,

Most projects take one day of Production,
but multiple days may be required
depending on the nature of your project.
We’ll let you know what is best for
your project in the pre-production phase.
Generally speaking we start off with
interviews in the morning then afterwards
film b-roll (visuals to go over your Interview).
It’s always a lot of fun so get ready!


Time to Get

Before we begin editing your rough cut, we
first need to ingest the footage, clean the
audio and set up your project file. We then
breakdown the footage by watching
and labeling all the interviews and b-roll.
This is usually the longest phase of editing
as we must watch everything we shot
in order to find all the golden soundbytes
that will eventually make up your final video.


Time to

Now that we’ve prepped the project, it’s
time to get creative! This is where
we’ll assemble those golden soundbytes
into a string of clips that make up your
story. During this phase, we’ll reference
the structure we created in pre-production,
as well as diverge from it to harness the
full power of the interviews we captured.


Time To

We offer two opportunities to give notes.
Rough Cut 1 is fairly rough so you can
see the direction we’re headed and
can suggest changes that might alter the
structure of the video. Rough Cut 2 will
account for your notes and polish your edit
so that it might be considered final
if no notes are given. With Rough Cut 2,
you are looking for minor tweaks
to ensure there are no errors that need
to be changed.


Time to
Show Off

Now that you’ve created this video,
it’s time to post and promote it.
Be sure you have a Facebook Pixel
on your website to capture data
from visitors and Google Analytics
to see how it increases conversion.



Your site now conveys your message
in a clear, concise way. The next step
is to optimize your sales funnel.

This marketing audit assesses the
systems you have in place to
1) drive traffic to your site and
2) capture leads who aren’t yet
ready to buy. At the end of the audit,
you’ll have a clear content strategy to
move a lead from cold to hot.


It’s time to optimize your site