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But First FAQs…

How many people are on your team?

Amanda Horvath is a video marketer and producer who has established relationships with several talented, local contractors. Depending on what your project needs, she’ll hire the required team for the job. Her network includes videographers, photographers, motion graphics artists and even Facebook ad specialists.

Note: This is a one person business so there is a limit to the clients we can take on.

I need my video ASAP, how soon can you get this done?

Short timelines tend to compromise pre-production which is the most important stage of any video. For this reason, we usually say no to ASAP projects, but you can try us.

We are currently booking projects 1-2 months in advance on average and up to one quarter out. So if you’re looking to create a video within the next month or two, now is the time to reach out.

Why hire Amanda compared to other videographers or production houses?

Amanda is a Video Marketer which means she considers the larger picture of how the video you’re creating impacts the overall marketing strategy. She’s also created processes that are efficient and effective, making the video creation pain free and even fun!

She can also speak the language of business and work side by side with your internal marketing team to ensure that your video content achieves a ROI.

How do you charge?

We’ll be the first to admit it… we are not your cheapest option. But if you’re looking for a smooth production process with a quality end product that is proven to convert, then we’ve got you covered.

We charge $200/hr for strategy, planning, shooting & editing. Our Brand Videos start at $3500 and adjust according to the hours needed to complete your project.

Is there a deposit?

Upon signing the Work For Hire Agreement, I require half of the estimated total up front. After the project is completed, I'll send an invoice for the remaining hours and any external fees that may apply.

Are there any external fees to consider?

I use Royalty Free Music for all the videos that I edit. This ensures that your video will not be removed off YouTube or other social media platforms due to copyright issues. I use PremiumBeat.com and each track is $49. Additional fees may entail renting equipment such as renting a second camera and microphone for a two camera shoot.

How do you estimate the budget?

Once you give me an idea of what you're looking to do, I'll ask questions that will clarify the time it will take to create the video. From there, I'll send an agreement that outlines the estimated work hours. The agreement also states that you will only be charged for hours I work. I always keep you updated along the way with hours input so you're continuously comfortable in terms of budget.

What if you under estimate hours?

Although rare, there is always the possibility that a project may take longer than anticipated. In this case, I'll update you as soon as I notice any signs that may extend edit times. At this point, we can either re-access the outcome and switch directions in order to stay within budget or agree to continue moving forward. Usually slight adjustments will allow for us to finish the task at hand with minimal additional cost.

Will you travel for work?

Try me. Depends on location and dates. Hotel and airfare and rental car (if needed) must be included.

How many rounds of edits do I get?

Within my estimate, I include two rounds of edit opportunities:

1)  Rough Cut 1 ... client gives notes

2) Rough Cut 2 ... client gives minor notes

3) Final Version delivered

Do you do Motion Graphics?

I work with a trusted Motion Graphics Artist who I contract according to the job. He is extremely talented and very professional. He also charges hourly for his work and offers an upfront estimate. See his work here. If he is not available, I have other like minded and talented individuals that I contract.


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