Editor Training

The fact that your reading this truly excites me as it means that we will be working together! This 1 hour training offers an insight into the editing system that I've designed for creating quality videos for our clients. The videos on this page take an editor through all the steps necessary to complete the rough assembly of a project - from organizing the files to choosing selects to building the rough story structure. 

It's important to follow these steps carefully so that all editors will be on the same page and we can easily collaborate without worrying about the cumbrances of too many cooks in the kitchen. This streamlines our process of working together. These steps will become more and more familiar to you as you practice them on a number of projects. 


The aim of the game is to watch a video -- complete that step and then watch the next video. As you watch and practice these steps, please keep an eye out for any tips or tricks you might use that are not included in these videos. This is just the MVP (minimum viable product) and there will definitely be iterations of this training in the future. Together, we are systematizing the creative process and by doing so, making it easier to fill the needs of the ever growing video demands in today's society.


Training 1: 

Training 2: 

Training 3: 

Training 4:

Training 5: 

Training 6:

Training 7:

Training 8: