Video Sucks

Without a roadmap


See if this rings a bell…

You’re awesome at what you do (in fact, maybe even the best in your industry). You know you have gifts to share with the world and people are always telling you, “you should do video!”

But in the privacy of your own home, while alone in a room, you try it. You hit obstacle after obstacle and feel hopeless & inadequate in your ability to make it look good.

The clock is ticking, “Is this really a good use of my time??”


Yup, video has a learning curve and you’ve discovered it. Taking endless hours trying to figure it out is not a good use of your time. You have SO much to do.

Let me shortcut your path to success…




Most of the time if you’re struggling, it’s because you don’t have the right gear… remove the guesswork and order from the list below.

If you already own a DSLR, use it! If you don’t know how to use it, reach out to me (DM me on Instagram) and I might even make a specific tutorial on your camera model.


Use your phone for video & audio (upgrade if older than 2 years old)
This light kit will save you
Tripod 1 will be your best friend
Tripod 2 for seated videos

$1200 BUDGET
I recommend this camera that shoots 4k with this lens.
You’ll also need a memory card and a microphone.
Also these lights will save you.

NOTE: These are affiliate links so if you buy using the links above, I’ll get a small kickback.


STEP 3: SEt Up Your Shot

You have the gear, now how do you set up your shot? Follow these 4 steps.


Step 4: Record On Your Phone

Even if you have a great camera, knowing how to use your iPhone will make shooting videos MUCH easier. Check out this video for tips on how to capture great video on your iPhone.