how to shoot b-roll on iphone

How to Take Better Videos With Your iPhone

I Don’t Know Where To Start

Video is a black box that you may not understand -- and that's okay! When I first entered into the world of online marketing, I knew NOTHING. I started listening to a few podcasts and over time, I began to get familiar with the terms.

Each podcast I listened to gave me insight into specific "how-tos", but the cumulation of all those episodes eventually led me to see the bigger picture.

One Tutorial At a Time

If you're overwhelmed by the idea of video then I want to re-assure you ... you're doing exactly what you need to be doing by reading this email and watching the video.

It doesn't take big action to get started, just focus on learning to start. Then when you're ready to test, pick up your iPhone and do a few test shots. Follow the steps in this video to grab your shots. Edit a short sequence together in iMovie. You don't have to release the video, just practice.

When you're ready for the next step, record and talk to the camera when no one else is around. Watch it back -- you're going to recognize all the terrible things you do (ums, ahs, not knowing what to say, looking dorky, etc.) We are certainly our worst critiques! But keep trying and watching and over time you'll start to like what you see.

I'm giving you permission to just watch and wait for inspiration to strike.

One day you'll hit record and realize "Wow, I know a lot more than I thought! This isn't so bad!"