How To Do SXSW For Free | Shot on iPhone XS

SXSW is upon us. 

Is it worth getting caught up in the mix or staying away entirely? Each year this question arises as thousands of people flock to our city. 

As locals, we often discount the value of the festival and feel we deserve some sort of local pat on the back and free entrance. This ego stops many of us from truly experiencing the value of the festival.

This year, I decided to explore if the hype was truly worth it. 

My ultimate conclusion? Next year, I’m buying a badge. 

Yes, there’s tons of free events to attend IF you’re looking to day drink and meet other locals. You might even catch a few great one off panels. 

But if next level conversations thrill you - getting inside the convention center is worth the cost. Even a quick scroll through the list of talks and panels was enough to fill me with jealousy. 

Don’t get me wrong ... I really enjoyed my weekend of free events - amazing weather, great people, free drinks. There’s no reason we shouldn’t ALL attend! 

So whether you’re like me and ready for a badge, or just curious ... this week’s video will offer insight into what a weekend of SXSW looks like and how YOU too can attend the free events: 

Amanda Horvath

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