Two Videos that will make your site pop!

Too many companies over estimate what it takes to get started with video marketing. Don't overcomplicate it! Start with the two videos below to make your website pop! I'd love to chat with you about specifics for your business and give you a cost estimate. 

#1 Brand Video

Location: Home Page

Start at the top of the sales funnel. There is no reason creating a video that only 20% of your customers will see. Create one that 100% of people will see. This way you're leveraging the full power of video. What is your customers first interaction with your brand? Usually it is the home page of your website. For this reason, I highly recommend starting with a "Brand Video". A Brand Video gives an overview of your company, including your mission, employees, services/products and overall what makes you, you. 

Note: your brand video can be simple to start, if you know you're business will look rapidly different in a year - don't wait until then to do your video. Do a simple one now and a more complex one later. 


  • Consolidates your website content to 2-3 minutes
  • Lowers bounce rates by x
  • Increases customer's likelihood to make a purchase by 64%
  • Increase in SEO optimization


Simple Video

This video was shot during the one year anniversary event at Yoga Cycle. This event created lots of foot traffic for YogaCycle so that they could capture many testimonials all in one place. Because of this, they cut down on the shoot time which in turn cut down on cost. We were also able to use footage from the "background video" (see below) that we shot which gave them more bang for their buck. To give you an idea, this video took roughly 14 hours to complete.

Complex Video

This video is complex due to the number of interviews we took. The general rule is that the more footage you capture, the more time it takes to edit. This project was essentially like cutting together a 5 minute documentary which is no small feat! But as you can see, the video turned out fantastic and really gives a great insight into Talent Unbound. The time and money spent on the video will return ten fold. To give you an idea, this video took roughly 65 hours to complete.


#2 Testimonial Videos

Location: Home Page or separate page on site

People like to follow crowds. No matter how unique we think we are, it's reassuring to know we are making the right decision. This reassurance is shown in the form of previous client testimonials. You could write out the testimonials, but your potential customer is much more likely to watch a video than read text. Why not ensure that they hear your raving reviews by creating video?

This video doesn't have to be perfect. Have your clients send in an iPhone video of them talking! You can also increase your fanciness later. Just be sure they hold the camera horizontally when recording the video.


  • Engages your audience without the need to read
  • The more videos your customer watches, the more likely they are to buy your products or services. 
  • Video creates an empathetic response.
  • Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Recommended article: Psychology Today - Video vs. Text 


Simple Video

This is a video shot on an iPhone. I then took the video Kristina filmed and added photos on top of it to make the interview more engaging. The video took less than an hour to create.

Complex Video

This video required me to meet up with founder, Pete Niva, and interview him about his experience of working with me. I was able to use the videos I had created for Soho Yoga as "b-roll" to make the video come to life. The video probably took 3 hours to make total so still relatively simple, but more intricate than the video previous example.

Other Great Examples:

BONUS: Background Video

Location: Home Page

Okay so I said I'd only mention two but why not go above and beyond? Adding a background video to your site is just that: going above and beyond. The human eye is attracted to movement. This is why you can't help but stare at the TV in a restaurant even though you couldn't care less about the soap commercial that's playing. Movement on your home page subconsciously draws in your customers and engages their senses. When senses are engaged, the memory is more likely to store the event associated with those senses. In this case, they remember you and your business! The best part about this type of video - it's fun and relatively easy! 


  • Reduces bounce rate 
  • Extends time spent on site 
  • Plays to humans psychology by engaging the senses and capturing a memory
  • Easy to create


Both of these videos are considered simple. The complexity of the video really came to play when having to create "b-roll" opportunities to film for my own video. Read below.

Simple Video

Because of the way the class schedule was set up, I was able to film three classes in the span of two hours. This allowed me to capture lots of material in a short span. We repurposed this video to create an Instagram promo piece as well. If I wasn't considering the other promotional video, this video would have taken 3 hours to create.

Complex Video

This video was a bit more complex as my business doesn't have natural "b-roll" opportunities to film on a day to day basis. I also can't be distracting my client's shoots by shooting my own content during it. Because I can't film a video I'm in, I had to hire someone off my team to help film the video. We had to create a realistic depiction of what a shoot looks like which required more planning than the YogaCycle video. This video took roughly 7 hours to create. 


Time to hit record? I think so!

So there you have it. Start with your brand video! Don't overthink it - at this point in time you're in the minority for businesses with a video. Only 3% of businesses have a video. This sets the bar extremely low, allowing you to release a simple video now and a more complex one in a year. 

Do you hear that? That voice that just said "hmmm maybe I should make a video..." There's a reason that voice is there. Whether you're ready to hit record or just need some further questions answered, give me call. I only suggest video for those who will genuinely benefit from its use so please do not hesitate to call and ask any questions! I'm here to help.  


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Amanda Horvath

Every Business Needs a Video. We Make It Simple.