What Idiot Buys Off Instagram?

In short, me.

As a Video Marketer, I’m often told “my audience isn’t buying off Facebook or Instagram.” Well folks, you’re wrong and I’m a prime example of why.

It was a cold morning in Washington DC, my boyfriend had already left for work and I was procrastinating starting my morning workout. What was I doing? Scrolling on instagram...

I don’t consider myself an “Instagrammer” or “Facebooker”. I rarely post pictures and even less often create a story. The sad truth is that whether I admit it or not, I use the apps more than I think and… I bet you do too.

All of a sudden I came across an ad promoting boots. It caught my eye and I flipped through the pictures.


I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, I am in the market for boots.” I clicked on the ad, saw the price, read the reviews and within about 5 minutes had spent $180 on boots. Oops. Time to go workout…

You’re probably thinking:

  • She’s irresponsible
  • She doesn’t know how to budget
  • She’s a spender

Let me flip the switch:

  • I saved time from having to research boots on my own (remember — I was already in the market)
  • This ad perfectly targeted me at the moment where I was ready to buy
  • These might be my new favorite boots now!
The feeling of new boots? Priceless.

The feeling of new boots? Priceless.

So what does this mean to you? Do you sell a product or service? Can you benefit from Instagram or Facebook Ads? The answer is YES.

“But I don’t sell a product and my price point is far above $180! MY audience doesn’t buy products or services like MINE off instagram.”

What if I told you I’m about to pull the trigger on a $7500 purchase that all arose from seeing a Facebook Ad? Would that change your mind?

What have you bought off Facebook or Instagram?

Amanda Horvath

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