How to Get Over Stage Fright On Camera

"I can hear your heart beating in the microphone" said Carlos, my friend, who was helping record a video for me. I tried shrugging it off and laughing, but underneath was sweating bullets. I was struggling to mentally control the physiological response that my body was having from sitting in front of a camera lens.

This was just about a year ago. Since then, I've challenged myself to continually get in front of the camera and push my comfort zone. Over and over again, I told myself "I am comfortable in front of a crowd and a camera". I researched the subject and found several tips along the way that I applied.

If I can overcome my fear so can you!

Today... my palms don't sweat, my voice doesn't crack and dare I say, being on camera has become FUN.

If I can overcome my fear so can you

Many people hide behind excuses like "I don't have a face for camera" or "No one wants to watch me on camera!" or "I'm terrible on camera", but the truth is you're just afraid ... and that's OKAY!

You can overcome this, but your ability to do it is on the other side of discomfort; it takes pushing through in order to succeed in your efforts.

In this week's video, I outline the most helpful tips I used to overcome my fear so that YOU can overcome yours.

How to Get Over Stage Fright On Camera

Amanda Horvath

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