How Much Does a Videographer Cost?

Estimating the cost of a video is MUCH harder than one might think. It's a lot like building a house -- you can do it on a budget or you can go crazy with it.

When a client asks, "How much will this cost?", videographers often don't know enough about the project in order to properly quote the budget. It takes lots of time and pre-production before we are able to give a quote. Why? Because no two videos are alike and everyone wants something unique.

Over the years, I've begun to pinpoint what causes videos to become expensive and how and where clients can cut the budget. In this video, I lay out 5 considerations that will help you gain clarity on estimating your budget.

After watching, you'll understand...

  • Standard video rates on an hourly basis

  • How to estimate your video budget

  • Ways to adjust your concept to CUT the budget

How Much Does a Videographer Cost?

Amanda Horvath

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