Why You Need a Business Video

Every business has a story to tell. Adding a video to your site does wonders to increase organic traffic, conversation rates and sales.

Imagine you are searching for a nearby gym. Gyms tend to have the same mission -- to help people get fit; however, they each have a million different ways of going about it. How do you choose? Well you start with either google or yelp.

15 results pop up in your area. You'll most likely click on the first three and skim through the pages. The first gym's website is bland with stock footage and poor design. The second website was eye catching, but you still need some more information to make a decision. When you click on the third option you are immediately greeted by a video. The owner, coaches, and customers are giving personal insights into the gym, you are seeing the gym spaces, learning about their membership program, etc. And then they say the one thing that really stands out to you. That one tidbit (blog coming soon) that you didn't even know you were looking for; it's almost like they are in your head! You're sold, you sign up on the spot. 

The first two gyms didn't even stand a chance! The video on the third website consolidated all the information you needed to make a decision into 2-3 minutes. The video immediately grabbed your attention and therefore you stayed on the page rather than bouncing to another result. The additional time spent on the site while viewing and learning about the gym spurred the sale. 

According to a study conducted by Comscore, 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. That means 64% more sales just by adding a video to your site!

The amazing part about getting a video now is that the competition is few and far between because only 3% of businesses have a video! 

By 2018, 69% of total internet traffic will be video and in 2019 this percentage will shoot up to 80%! Businesses who aren't hopping on the bandwagon to make a video will soon be left behind. 

Because few businesses currently have a video, those that do have a video experience a 157% increase in organic traffic coming to their site from search engines.

Let me explain...you type in a phrase to google, google will search all the pages that have that phrase on their site. It could be millions of pages. Google will also pull up relevant images and videos as an option for your search. If you are part of that 3% of results that have a video, then you have just increased your chances of showing up as an option on the first page.

Going even further, if you do SEO optimization on your site that has video, the possibility increases even more!

Video on your site is amazing but what's even better is being able to use the same video for other marketing techniques. For example, instagram, facebook, newsletters. In the near future, we'll be creating blogs surrounding each of these topics. 

Amanda Horvath is constantly reading, listening and growing in her knowledge of modern marketing techniques and she'd love to share with you. 

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To wrap this up I'll leave you with one more mind blowing statistic. A picture may be worth a thousand weirds, but one video is worth 1.8 million words. Until next time. 

Amanda Horvath

Every Business Needs a Video. We Make It Simple.