Life Coach For Millennials | Brand Video Example

Virtual business + Video = Challenge

The reality of your day to day activities may consist of working from home in your pjs, or potentially putting on a top that looks presentable for your video conference calls.

Your services may not be visual in anyway -- in fact, you're literally selling the knowledge in your mind via consulting or coaching.

This is very much the case for Taylor Dixon who runs Dreamcatcher Immersion. Her 6-month program is an immersive life, brand, and business accelerator. It is designed to help the busy millennial woman cultivate an intimate relationship with self, master the art of lifestyle design, create and launch an authentic personal brand, and launch/re-launch their creative project or business.

Upon completing the 6 month program, Taylor invites all her students to a retreat to meet one another in person and celebrate their graduation.

THIS was the moment to capture and she knew it.

As a personal brand guru, Taylor planned ahead and rented a beautiful Airbnb that was filled with natural light. She prepped each of her students for the video shoot and scheduled time during her retreat to capture their testimonials, along with other visual representations of who they were.

The video turned out beautiful.

If you're needing to capture visuals for your business, how might you be able to create visual moments? I'd love to hear your thoughts or struggles on this topic in the comment section of this video!

Amanda Horvath

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