How To Make a Vlog with Your iPhone (Part 1)

Vlogging was a stretch

When I first started vlogging, I had no idea how or where to start. I researched the best tactics for shooting and editing, but there was little info that was valuable... (other than everyone trying to be Casey Neistat)

So I had to learn by trial and error. 7 months later, I quite enjoy the freedom of vlogging. It's been liberating to step out from the "promo" style filming and switch up the tactics. I've picked up several tricks along the way that I'd like to share...

Story above tech

A vlog without story is just a crappy video. The trick to vlogging is to keep it fast, engaging and constantly moving forward in the narrative. The second the video slows, you loose your audience. NOTE: This has NOTHING to do with what camera you use. 


So I decided to test my own theory and challenge myself to vlog using my iPhone X... I used only my phone -- no external accessories added, except for a tripod (no extra lenses, mics, lights, etc.). This lightweight set up allowed me to capture shots that I couldn't do with my regular rig ... capturing unique angles, discreetly filming in public, etc. 

But how much quality do you lose?

I was super impressed with the output. The audio continually amazes me, specifically it's levels and how much it cuts out background noise. I could have shot this video in 4k (super HD), but I kept the resolution at 1920 x 1080 to prove that 4k isn't even necessary.

You can too

The main difference between me and you at this stage is my ability to craft the story and edit it together. In this video, I give tips for crafting your story and next week, I'll walk you through how to edit it. The more and more you practice (and watch examples), the better you'll become. 

So with that ...

Amanda Horvath

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