How to Hire a Videographer (The Smart Way)

When I first started freelancing, a friend of mine who ran a photography business mentioned that I should be advertising my services on Craigslist. 

The thought had never crossed my mind, "do you actually get legitimate jobs on there?" 🧐The answer I came to learn? "Absolutely!" In fact, some of my favorite clients found me through Craigslist.

Still today, I post my services on there (and they haven't changed one thing about the site since starting 4 years ago 😳🤪... but that's beside the point!)

For this reason, when asked "How to Find and Hire a Videographer", my #1 recommendation is Craigslist.

What I would never recommend? Weeding through the posts to find your candidate ⌛️⏰⏱. I've created a framework that ATTRACTS candidates to you.

Like me, you may find it odd to find and hire a videographer off Craigslist, but after using this framework you'll be surprised you didn't try it sooner!

In this video, I lay out the:

  • Strategy that attracts quality candidates

  • Questions to ask to weed out candidates quickly

  • Tips to choosing the best candidate

How to Find a Videographer (The Smart Way)

Amanda Horvath

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