6 Steps to Writing a Successful Crowdfunding Script

Time to get funded!

Whether you’re doing Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or GoFundMe, you’re going to have to write a script that captures your audience’s attention and gets them to plug in their credit card info. This is no easy sell! So how do you go about writing the script? The steps below will help you determine the structure of your video. From there you can choose your style of delivery; documentary or narrative style. 

We’ll use Aquatiq, a recent client to demonstrate examples for answering the questions.


1. What’s the problem your audience is currently facing?

  • Unless you address the problem, no one will care about your solution. 
    • Example: Aquatiq deals with the boat industry. The boat industry is expensive and exclusive leading very few access to the water. 

2. What’s the solution that you’re providing?

  • Be sure to relate this back to the customer.
    • Example: Aquatiq created an app that makes getting out on the water easy to coordinate and affordable.

3. Who are you?

  • Often times, people want to know who they are giving their money to. Why should they trust you? Keep this short — remember, the audience only wants to know who the money is going to, they don’t need to know your life story!
    • Example: The two founders of Aquatiq are military veterans — Army, Navy and Marines. Between the two of them they have 17 years of military service and 30 years of experience on the water. 

4. What have you done so far? 

  • Are you just starting your business or have you done the majority of the ground work? This is an opportunity to expand upon what you’ve created.
    • Example: Aquatiq already had one round of seed funding and had created a prototype of the application. While there were other steps they had done, these were the most important for the audience to know. 

5, What will you do with the funds from the crowdfunding campaign?

  • Similar to above, the audience needs to know they can trust you to use their money wisely. Even better they want to know how they’re donation will eventually help them! 
    • Example: Aquatiq will finish their app so they can get their audience out on the water by summertime. 

6. Call to action

  • What will your audience get for donating? Do you have any incentives in place that will give them the push they need to click “Back This Project”?
    • Example: Aquatiq is offering boat parties to the backers who give the most.

Video coming soon

We are still in the editing process for the two kickstarter videos we recently filmed, but we will post them as soon as they’re done so stay tuned! 

Amanda Horvath

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