Google Analytics: How to add it to your site

What is it?

Google Analytics is a free tool to track and monitor traffic to your website and mobile app. This is a powerful tool as it gives you insight into the effectiveness of your site and allows you to make changes as needed. Consider it your friendly feedback buddy! Here is a list of some of the data that Google Analytics will give you:

  1. Where your visitors are coming from. This is great when targeting a specific audience or determining new areas to expand. 
  2. How your visitors found your website. Are you spending money on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter or other ads? This report helps you calculate your ROI (return on investment) and provide insight into which ads you should focus your time and money on. 
  3. Which web browser your visitors are using. This is important as you'll want to verify that your site looks great on that platform. For example, if you're customers are primarily visiting your site on their mobile device, then you'll want to ensure your site looks great on that platform.
  4. What keywords were used by your visitors to get to your site. This is so important when doing SEO and can help save time and money if you can pinpoint the words people are using to find you. 
Step 3

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4

Signing up

After revamping my website, I wanted to add Google Analytics to my site and found it a headache to figure out! For some reason I couldn't find the sign up location and had to fill out a form that said a representative would be in touch. I knew I wasn't in the right place. Finally, I figured it out and wanted to share the steps with you!

Step 5

Step 5

  1. Step one: Go to
  2. Click Sign in, located in the top right hand corner of the screen. After you've signed in, select Google Analytics from the dropdown menu.
    • NOTE: If you do not already have a google account then you'll need to create one prior to signing in). 
  3. On the next page, click Sign up.
  4. You'll be taken to a form that you'll need to fill out.
    • Your Account Name is the name of your business or site.
    • Use www when plugging in your website url.
    • The industry category will not affect your analytics; this is for Google purposes. Choose whichever best describes you.
    • Leave all the checked boxes, checked.
    • Click Get Tracking ID button.
  5. Use your Tracking ID to plug in to your website. If using squarespace or wordpress, use the links below for how to plug in your tracking ID.  For other platforms, Google 'Google Analytics and [your website platform here]' for detailed instructions

stay tuned

My next post will be about Google Analytics reports and which you should be focusing your time on.

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