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Content Strategy

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Through out the years of creating videos for business, I’ve discovered that there are three main buckets when it comes to video marketing.

Each bucket focuses on a different platform and achieves a certain goal (as seen in the photo).

While each business may eventually create all the videos from these buckets, determining where to focus their efforts first is key to hitting the goals they need to hit.

When determining where to start, we must audit what videos have been made, analyze the current sales funnel strategy and pinpoint gaps that have yet to be explored.

Quick Audit

Should we choose to work together, I’d like to start with an in depth audit — rewatching the videos we’ve created and organizing them into the buckets. Analyze the unedited footage that we have and what untapped potential we have not yet explored. For now, here is the initial audit.

Bucket #1: Website

PROS: What you’re doing well.

This has been Acton’s primary focus when it comes to producing video content.

We’ve created a fantastic Brand Video, several testimonials and FAQ videos that clarify the offer and help prospects understand the mission and value of Acton.

These are fantastic for those in the middle of the funnel that are ready to learn everything they can about the program before pulling the trigger.

Generally, this content can also be used in drip campaigns that educate the customer further or used in sales call follow ups to further engage a warm lead.

CONS: What can be improved.

The website is currently difficult to navigate and lacks a flow that propels prospects through the bread crumb trail of what they need to know right now.

There are too many call to actions which leave prospects confused over how to navigate the website. Each click makes them less sure if they are in the right place.

Outlining the customer journey, re-structuring the pages and strategically placing video content through out the site can help alleviate this problem. We have plenty of content to place, it’s just a matter of becoming strategic about how we do this.

Bucket #2: Paid Ads

PROS: What you’re doing well.

This area is difficult to view from an outsider’s perspective so I can’t comment upon it, but from our conversations, I think we should focus on Bucket #3 anyway… But these videos seen promising for Ads:

CONS: What can be improved.

We could create specific ads for specific audiences (I call these Tribe Videos) by sharing alumni stories and their transformation. For example, one from a Navy Seal, Olympic Athlete, etc. to draw in that audience by peaking their interest. But once again, I think Bucket #3 should be your immediate focus…

Bucket #3: Social

PROS: What you’re doing well.

You have a YouTube Channel, Instagram and Facebook! Each has solid content on it and you’ve started to gain a following on there so you aren’t starting from scratch.

CONS: What can be improved.

There is no strategy here (don’t worry you aren’t alone — most businesses feel this way). Up until this stage, a lot of people just post whatever seems to fit. Where I think you can improve is starting to implement a strategy that shares stories from current and past customers.

NOTE: Social is all about providing VALUE to your audience and not about sales.

Instagram Stories

Let’s have alumni students take over your insta stories for a day and share about their businesses. We could pay current students a small payment each time they submit a story of their time at Acton (this would be GOLD). Imagine, it’s 3 am, someone is tired, ready to quit, but they persevered through their case prep and just finished. They hop on their phone and share that moment with us. Splice several of these together and these would make amazing insta stories.

Facebook Live

The workshops that you guys hold where anyone can come in to participate — go LIVE during these so people start to get an inside look.

YouTube - How To Content

This is truly the MOST valuable area that I think we can leverage. You’re likely getting sick of paying for traffic so let’s incorporate an ORGANIC traffic strategy where we supercharge the Acton MBA YouTube channel as a thought leader within the entrepreneurial education space. This is a long term strategy, but I truly believe this is the MOST impactful of all strategies.

We’d do keyword research to find the terms people are searching for and leverage the impressive teachers at Acton to hop on camera and answer these questions. We’d establish a look and feel for the videos that is standard so that each video points back to the brand.

Suggested Next STeps

I know I’ve thrown a LOT at you in this proposal, but hopefully you’re beginning to see the value of taking a strategic approach to content. My suggestions would be to:

  1. Full audit: we need to analyze everything we’ve shot to see what we have to work and what footage we have not yet edited.

  2. Fix the Website: Map out the customer experience and lead people to a clear call to action.

  3. Produce How To Content: Provide value to prospects whether they decide to attend or not. This will build your know, like and trust factor with current and future prospects, as well as set you up as a thought leader in your industry. It also will build an evergreen sales machine that will continue to work for you even after you stop producing videos. As I’ve said before, this strategy takes time and consistency, but if you can only do ONE thing, this would be it.

Your Investment

I think it’d be best to give you guys my full focus for a 3 month period. I need to wrap several projects first, but could be all yours for May, June and July if you choose to work together. We would kick it off with an audit of all the video content that we currently have, map out the customer experience for the website and build a system for how to content that is sustainable.

Additionally, I’d require you guys to hire a (close to) full time videographer that I could work with. Consider me your video operational manager and strategist and them the technician who will execute on the systems I build. This videographer should also have an interest in social media strategy and be excited to work with low quality content that is customer generated (iPhone footage from students/alumni). By bringing them on, they’ll be able to continue executing after I roll off at the end of the three months.

Their main focus initially will be producing how to content. Once they can sustain that, they’ll be able to branch off to producing other video content. I can remain as a consultant as needed moving forward.

NOTE: I would still continue producing my own content through out the duration of our time together (for my channel) and would need to be available to consult with my previous client, Newchip, who is about to launch their YouTube channel that I’ve been helping with.

My Price: $6000 paid monthly for 3 months