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If every business needs a video, what video do they need?
We asked ourselves this question and came up with the following.



Take someone from knowing nothing about you to knowing who you are and how to buy.

This is a 1.5 - 2 minute video that boils down the key elements of your business into digestible content without industry jargon. The goal is for a stranger to view your video and be able to reiterate exactly what you do and what you’re selling.

By providing a simple, clear picture, you’ll be creating brand ambassadors that will spread the word of your business, even before buying your product or service.

1 day of Production + Post-Production (2 edit revisions)

Are you ready to create a video for your business, but don't know what to say? Discover our go-to framework for crafting a brand’s message.

How do we capture great testimonials? We use these questions to craft a compelling story that will speak to the hearts of your prospects.


3 videos for $3500 or $2000 when combined with Brand Video Package

You're awesome at what you do and likely have RAVING fans that are jumping up and down with excitement to share their testimonial. What better way to capture their message than through video?

Having past customers vouch on your behalf will allow future customers to emotionally connect to what you're offering. This package allows you to capture three testimonials. 

Conference REcap Video + Promos

$100/hour for duration of conference ... request quote for editing

If you're business is based around a conference and you're looking to capture a recap video to use for future promotions, then you've come to the right place! The best way to determine the cost for your project will be to chat over the phone and get to know more about the size of the conference and what you're looking to capture. We're happy to chat! 

Other Offers


Hire to shoot

Are you looking for someone to shoot, but plan to hire another team to edit or do it yourself? We're happy to help. 

Custom Video

Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out anyway and we'll let you know if it falls within our wheel house or if you'd be better suited headed elsewhere : ) 



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