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Retainer Program

Have on going video needs? We’d love to chat!

We’re in the process of launching a retainer program! We’ve been focused on helping lots of business with their one off needs, but we’re shifting our method to focus on fewer business and helping them with MORE of their needs. This program is best for someone who has on going video needs — think social media, newsletter content, keyword ranked YouTube videos, membership videos, training videos, etc.

It’s also great for business who want to take their business to next level using Video Marketing. We can start from scratch by creating your Brand video and testimonials then move on to organic content to nurture your audience and build that relationship.

How does it work?

By joining the retainer program, you will be promised X number of hours each month. We will hold these hours for YOU each month. We’ll start by discussing your goals and how video can help you achieve them. From there, we’ll execute using the set hours per month.

How long is the contract?

Each contract will be 3-6 months in length. Having a set period of time helps us get to know your business and forecast the needs you have so that YOU can focus on what you’re good while knowing your content strategy is solid.

I’m interested, what do I do?

We’ll be booking calls in late November and early December and launching the program in January.
Please send an email to expressing your interest and she’ll reach out when we start scheduling calls!

Educate Yourself

Watch these two video to help set you on the right path on your video creation journey


Determine Your Budget

This video will help you understand the basic prices for different levels of videographers and help you get a rough estimate of what your video might cost.

Write Your Script

We'll work on your script together as well, but this will help get the gears turning and also give you insight into how we craft the messages in our videos.