How you can hire me…

I am NO longer doing Production.
I help develop your content strategy and then
either find, mentor or develop the team
needed to execute your needs.

This allows me to keep my rates low and
continue helping businesses where they
have the highest need (WHAT to produce).


StartS HEre

In this three hour session, I meet with you and your marketing team to:

  • Gain an in depth understanding of current marketing strategies and any areas needing improvement.

  • Discuss goals and determine which videos will help achieve those goals.

  • Create an executable plan of action that fits your budget.

After the session, I provide a write up of what we discussed in the meeting and deliver a clear plan of action for executing on the content moving forward.


This package is intended for those hiring “affordable” videographers. There are plenty of videographers who who are technically talented, but lack professional experience.

With the proper accountability and management systems, these young talents can progress their skills quickly in the direction you need. Without it, you’ll discover that the money you save on their rates isn’t worth the time or frustration.

I act as an accountability partner and mentor to develop their skills and ensure they are taking the action needed to set your business up for success.

We’ll have one 30 minute check in call each week where they can ask any clarifying questions or trouble shoot issues they are experiencing. This accountability will keep them on track to producing content that helps you achieve your goals.

*You’ll likely only need 1-2 months of accountability before they feel confident in their ability to move forward independently. We will access this need at the end of each month together.


Your project may need focused energy to bring it to life. In this package, I become the Producer to take the project from beginning to end.

I don’t take on just any project for this — it has to be interesting and/or have high impact : ) The best place to start is the Content Strategy Session then if you’re a fit for this package, we can discuss it then.